Aug. 19, 2022

48. Building Financial Freedom with Tamar Hermes

“It’s 98% mindset and 2% everything else.”

Tamar Hermes is a wealth-building concierge, an author, a business owner, a real estate investor, and she writes for national publications like Entrepreneur Magazine. She’s sharing her secrets to financial freedom and discuss a need of breaking money barriers especially in women community.

Tamar doesn’t mend broken wings. She says she guides strong, professional women in their journey to financial freedom through real estate investment.

💲 Tamar guides women to become financially free through real estate investing. 02:29
🤔 Make sure that you have a handle on your finances: deciding between passive or active investing. 03:34
🤓 How to identify a credible person to partner with for passive investing? 04:47
👩‍💼 The deals are called syndications: 30% of investors are female. 07:10
🏘️ Tamara was an executive in the entertainment industry who decided to stop paying the rent: learning and getting deep into real estate.  09:34
✨ Breaking barriers and fears around the money: sharing vs. protecting.  11:17
💎 Most people only say more and chase more: find out how much money you need to have for your financial freedom. 16:30
🏝️ Getting property in Hawaii through different strategies: don’t be ashamed of your goal. Be bold and claim it. 19:18
📱 There is no reason not to create what we want to create: information and opportunities at your fingertips. 23:17
🤑 Money mindset: the inspiration vs. the perspiration. 24:49
👠 “Step into the vision of the kind of person you want to be in order to create what you want to create.” 25:58
🦸‍♀️ It takes a lot of stamina to achieve your dreams and to build wealth or a successful business. 28:44
📈 Finding opportunities in real estate nowadays: interest rates are climbing, and the market is increasing inventory. 32:29
📚 Tamar’s book: The Millionairess Mentality: A Professional Women's Guide to Building Wealth Through Real Estate 34:31


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