Aug. 12, 2022

47. The Power of Combining Tradition and Technology with Padma Ayala

“Technologies can be learned, but it is the attitude, it is the value system, these things are timeless.”

Padma Ayala is the CEO of VirtueTech, Inc. But she's not just the CEO of a company. She's also a classic dancer, a poet, a book publisher, and a founder of two nonprofit organizations.

Before becoming a tech mogul, Padma had to navigate life as a transplant in the US and learn how to succeed in the industry all on her own.

Padma opens up and tells the story of her past and her vision of the future without sugarcoating.

💃 CEO but also a dancer, poet, book publisher, and founder of two nonprofit organizations. 01:12
🤯 Padma’s journey from rural India to the urban USA due to arranged marriage: losing confidence, being a mother, risk taking artist, and serial entrepreneur. 02:38
👩🏽‍💻 Upgrading her skills to a software engineer and working in big companies: her service mind and care couldn’t flourish in corporate. 06:56
👩🏽‍💼 The customer-focused consulting company become an AWS partner in data engineering, AI, and ML projects: good data is essential for making the right decisions. 08:24
📈 Being a female entrepreneur without mentors was hard: growing slowly, learning, and embracing remote working. 09:50
🖥️ Challenges with recruitment and inflation: core values for success of women in IT. 13:31
✨ Diversity is very important because of different perspectives on problem-solving: biased data is not good. 15:53
🛕 Passing ancient Indian knowledge to the next generations through non-profit: teaching kids art, old languages, traditions, and dance. 18:18
😍 Empowering women and children in Indian villages in an organic way: When women are strong, families are strong. 22:33
🙏🏽 The human race was not born yesterday—learn by looking into nature and at human experience: we learn to listen, think, and imagine using art and help from our ancestors.  26:06
🤩 Padma respects all the help she got from gurus, teachers, and an amazing team of women surrounding her: “When you want to do good, good will come back in many forms.” 29:41
💎 Padma recites one of her poems in the Telugu language: the irrelevance of the material world and the richness of nature and art. 31:34

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