Aug. 5, 2022

46. Creating a Movement with Magic Moments with Kylee McGrane

Kylee McGrane has been bringing smiles and magic to kids and their families her entire career. Her story is incredible: from her college pastime of dressing up in costumes to visit children's hospitals, to being the Executive Director of A Moment of Magic

🧚‍♀️ Kylie’s fairytale started in a family deeply involved in the community: a big kid at heart. 02:31

🤡 Hospitals are too sterile for kids so Kyle got an idea to change it: “Oh, you kind of look like Elsa.”  04:04

🤩 Creating a movement: gathering college students who are passionate and driven to serve their communities. 05:36

💚 The driving force behind Kylie that helped her tremendously is family, professors, mentors, volunteers, and friends. 06:38

😇 Asking for help and learning the power of teamwork. 08:04

🆓 Non-profit with no barrier to entry: making services available to families free of charge. 09:21

📈 Growing from grassroots fundraising, charitable, corporation grants to government funding.  11:02

😷 The entire business model was disrupted during COVID: the solution was face timing in costumes with kids that were isolated in hospitals.12:02

💡 Streaming services and new creative solutions created from the pandemic. 13:22

🧑‍🎓 Magic Moments have branches all over the USA: students are the backbone of the organization. 15:44

🦸‍♀️ Costume as a vehicle for their mission: impacting volunteers and families with the cutest confidence booster.  17:47

🎯 The goal for A Moment of Magic is to never say no to a family in need: join their team. 20:34

👧 From a personal hobby to a serious organization: Kylie’s realizations in supporting children’s mental health. 22:34

🌸 The power of play and movement in expressing feelings and processing trauma for the youngest children is huge: more volunteers are needed!  26:29

👩‍💼 Kylie’s experience with She Leads Conference: having the support of women mentors beyond belief. 28:47

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