July 29, 2022

45. Redefining the Narrative of Entrepreneurship with Alex Batdorf

Alex Batdorf really Gets Sh!t Done for women and underserved communities through her accelerator and community platform. Her mission is to build generational wealth and impact for all women, especially empowering black women in entrepreneurship. Being sick and tired of the whole women entrepreneurship hype which is not generating enough revenue, Alex decided that the system must change. As she explains, her motto ‘F**k the 4%” and potty mouths are there for a purpose, showing that redefining of business systems is urgently needed.

Alex shares her serial entrepreneurial journey and why she was disgusted with the value systems of the masculine, white business world. Women have problems blending into that kind of world but can learn a lot from men. Women are facing challenges and compete too much, don’t collaborate enough and some bad habits are stopping them from being successful. Alex explains why going on the road ‘I will be exceptional’ is not the best business move and why investors can’t solve any of your problems.

Alex doesn’t have the blueprint or silver bullet, but “Get Sh!t Done” is a new ecosystem that combines data, experiences, connections and transparency, focusing on solutions and a community that rises together and models the behaviors that her clients want to have showing up in their lives.

⛑️ Practical and actionable help for women entrepreneurs: building wealth for future generations. 01:03
🤦🏽‍♀️ A sociologist who was sick of illogical messages about women's entrepreneurship: when narrative and math don’t match.  02:50
⚠️ There are no fast solutions: Investors don’t solve problems, but they do amplify what is already in your business. 04:35
⚡ Entrepreneurship is one of the most powerful vehicles to bridging wealth gaps for underserved communities. 05:35
🕵🏽‍♀️ Identifying what is the systemic barrier for women to grow revenue above $1M: raising capital is not a business model.  07:18
🤓 VC world and pattern matching vs building legacy business: the rules and biased data. 12:54
💰 A 19-year-old black girl raised money: dehumanizing shifts in people’s behaviors. 16:05
🤩 Pioneering something new: tracking outcomes and finding new business models that work through community and collective accountability 18:45
😇 Model the behaviors we want to show up in our lives: a healthy balance between masculine and feminine energy. 26:51
🙃 Scarcity and comparison is overwhelming: being aware of the impact social media consumption and biased behaviors and systems have on our mental health.   34:01
🛑 Modeling the same systems all over again: black women entrepreneurs’ revenues and new approach in modeling behavior in media. 36:35
✅ Learning from men: delegating and not trying to do everything yourself.  39:38
😰 No blueprint or silver bullet: trying to fit ourselves into a path that was never meant for us to follow. 41:51
🍀 Four main things all successful women entrepreneurs do: listening, collaborating, measuring & focusing on what matters now.  44:21
🌸 Going big, but your version of big: moving women into the revenue pipeline. 50:21

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