July 22, 2022

44. Elevating Women’s Voices Through All Media Channels

Adrienne Garland has been cranking up the volume on women’s voices since 2013 through She Leads conferences in New York. As the CEO and founder of She Leads Media, Adrienne knows the curve balls of entrepreneurship. Her path was not an easy one, and she r

🌟 Shift in perspective: entrepreneurs need to start caring about the impact they are leaving in this world. 01:02
🧐 People still don’t realize the negative impact of the pandemic.  02:20
🌸 Road to freedom: from corporate world to entrepreneur, podcaster, and teacher. 03:28
😇 Traveling with MBA students. 07:19
👠 Being a CEO of She Leads Media: working with women on increasing their visibility through conferences, retreats, and a podcast network. 09:51
🎙️ How to help women podcasters. 11:19
📚 “I want to write a book”: SLM Publishing platform. 14:44
🎤 SLM conference is filled with love, care, and learning: experts helping women since 2013. 16:20
😨 “Who you are” shows up in your business: revealing and learning through business. 18:38
🤩 Helping as many women to move forward and share their gifts through as many media channels as possible. 21:45

👉 Connect with Adrienne: www.linkedin.com/in/adriennegarland
📣 Check out She Leads Media: www.sheleadsmedia.com
📻 Listen to great women’s podcasts: www.sheleadspodcasts.com