July 15, 2022

43. The Power of Focusing on the Youth and Influencing Our Future with Maria Dismondy

Teaching children to be upstanders (instead of bystanders) who have hope and the courage to change bad things is the best way of influencing the future of our country. In this emotional and genuine conversation with Maria Dismondy, we discuss our reality

🌟 Maria and Adrienne love conversations without sugar coating. 01:37
🎙️ Podcasts are an amazing place to have real conversations about all the things that are happening in the USA these days. 02:22
👩‍🏫 From teacher to writer and publisher who supports parents: open conversations with kids showed her how kids are embarrassed of their culture. 04:01
😇 Maria loves to present reality without sugar coating to the hesitant parents because there are too many bad things in front of our kids: “You are influencing the future”. 09:21
🎯 Maria’s focus is on targeting educators with free content and books because they can influence a lot of kids. 12:47
🤩 The importance of exposing youth to diverse ways of thinking: Tiny Beautiful Things by Cheryl Strayed. 14:40
😍 Teaching young children to be upstanders: giving hope, authority, and confidence to kids is important. 18:43
👂 The bystander effect appears in the crowd, and how female entrepreneurs can keep the movement forward by focusing on children. 23:09
🌷 Social media tends to show false glimpses, so reality has a hard time coming through: the importance of being real out there. 26:09
🚴‍♀️ Maria’s issues with business and why she decided nothing will take her bike time from her anymore. 30:30
👩‍💼 The negative narrative of entrepreneurial perfection. 31:56
🐌 Why a snail is Maria’s mascot and motto. 33:39
🤯 Leap of faith for Maria: purchasing a new business while having issues with the previous one. 34:24
👉 Positive reinforcement from her husband: women entrepreneurs don’t have to do everything alone. 39:41
💬 The importance of networking and being in the community of your industry. 41:41
🤓 Maria reads and answers all of her emails. 43:52

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