July 1, 2022

42. Mother-Daughter Power in Business and Life with Ayelet Faerman

The power of a mother-daughter relationship can drive great business results, especially when they create a grounded organization filled with love. Ayelet Faerman shares her life story with us very openly and transparently. She is a mother, lawyer, plant

🌿 Ayelet contributed to the Unbreakable retreat gift bag: a beautiful plant for each retreat participant. 01:52
👩‍💼 She was representing children in abuse cases but couldn’t do it anymore: Ayelet joined her family’s cosmetics business and learned e-commerce. 03:02
👩‍💻 Ayelet is passionate about plants and her plant business, but she also changed her specialization to influencer-law attorney. Now she runs two businesses. 04:22
🧱 Importance of being grounded and having stability in your life: Ayelet is now focused on business law because she was too emotionally involved when advocating for children. 07:50
👨‍👩‍👧‍👧 Complexity in raising kids nowadays: so many things have changed. 09:11
👩‍👧‍👧 Ayelet’s husband keeps her grounded and reminds her to spend time with their daughters: organization in home life and pottery helps her maintain balance. 12:46
🍀 Learning to say no to clients that are not a good fit: plants are always there to support her. 15:17
🌓 Human beings need the natural cycle of sleep and rest. 17:20
🙏 Ayelet needs a good schedule to keep her mental well-being in check: leaning into religion for becoming grounded and appreciating the time for calmness. 18:07
🚉 When you are running your business, the office is like a train station: separation time and having a positive space to work in is helpful. 22:11
🖥️ Her family used help from influencers way back in 2015 and started using Shopify for hosting their store. 22:59
💰 Being her own store manager and not paying for consultants or outsiders while building an e-commerce store is a great advantage. 24:12
🧑‍⚖️ Learning to build relationships through experience in the courtroom and greenhouse. 27:29
🤩 Mother and daughter as co-founders is a wonderful, caring concept we don’t hear often enough in business. 29:45
📚 About reading books that have nothing to prove but are just good: give your brain a variety of thoughts and situations. 31:33
🏛️ Ayelet visits the library with her children: creating time to be in different worlds through books. 33:49
🌷 Being a plant-parent is a beautiful way to take your ‘Power Pause’. 35:22

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