July 1, 2022

42. Mother-Daughter Power in Business and Life with Ayelet Faerman

The power of a mother-daughter relationship can drive great business results, especially when they create a grounded organization filled with love. Ayelet Faerman shares her life story with us very openly and transparently. She is a mother, lawyer, plant lover, daughter, and entrepreneur.

Ayelet and her mother started an incredible company, Verdant Lyfe, that brings joy to everyone through plants. Here’s how the business works: Mom is in the greenhouse, and she is on the computer doing the tech work. Ayelet has learned that being the Yin to someone’s Yang is sometimes an interesting, but eye-opening experience.

But Ayelet is not only the COO of Verdant Lyfe, she is also an attorney who has worked for years with children in crisis. After the birth of her child, her emotional involvement in those cases was too much to handle, so she moved over into corporate counsel instead and now specializes in helping influencers.

The biggest blessings for her are having freedom and flexibility while running two businesses, as well as the support of her family. Ayelet shares the mental struggles she had while she was in college, and how structure, schedules, and religion helped her make huge strides forward with her mental health.

With an office that can only be compared to a train station and entrepreneurial drive keeping her up through the night, it can be tough to keep up. A few insights Ayelet shares with us: she has found that practicing religion, time for rest, and respecting the natural clock provides a great work-life balance in her life. The “Power pause” is a concept we all need. Rest is essential for every human being. And grounding yourself, whether through meditation or getting some work done in the greenhouse, can help boost creativity and mental clarity.

🌿 Ayelet contributed to the Unbreakable retreat gift bag: a beautiful plant for each retreat participant. 01:52
👩‍💼 She was representing children in abuse cases but couldn’t do it anymore: Ayelet joined her family’s cosmetics business and learned e-commerce. 03:02
👩‍💻 Ayelet is passionate about plants and her plant business, but she also changed her specialization to influencer-law attorney. Now she runs two businesses. 04:22
🧱 Importance of being grounded and having stability in your life: Ayelet is now focused on business law because she was too emotionally involved when advocating for children. 07:50
👨‍👩‍👧‍👧 Complexity in raising kids nowadays: so many things have changed. 09:11
👩‍👧‍👧 Ayelet’s husband keeps her grounded and reminds her to spend time with their daughters: organization in home life and pottery helps her maintain balance. 12:46
🍀 Learning to say no to clients that are not a good fit: plants are always there to support her. 15:17
🌓 Human beings need the natural cycle of sleep and rest. 17:20
🙏 Ayelet needs a good schedule to keep her mental well-being in check: leaning into religion for becoming grounded and appreciating the time for calmness. 18:07
🚉 When you are running your business, the office is like a train station: separation time and having a positive space to work in is helpful. 22:11
🖥️ Her family used help from influencers way back in 2015 and started using Shopify for hosting their store. 22:59
💰 Being her own store manager and not paying for consultants or outsiders while building an e-commerce store is a great advantage. 24:12
🧑‍⚖️ Learning to build relationships through experience in the courtroom and greenhouse. 27:29
🤩 Mother and daughter as co-founders is a wonderful, caring concept we don’t hear often enough in business. 29:45
📚 About reading books that have nothing to prove but are just good: give your brain a variety of thoughts and situations. 31:33
🏛️ Ayelet visits the library with her children: creating time to be in different worlds through books. 33:49
🌷 Being a plant-parent is a beautiful way to take your ‘Power Pause’. 35:22

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