June 24, 2022

41. Building Businesses and Aging Out Loud with Katie Fogarty

“An age-positive spotlight on midlife” – that’s what communications wizard Katie Fogarty contributes to the podcast today. A woman wearing many hats, she runs The Reboot Group, which helps their clients tell better brand stories. Katie is also the proud host of A Certain Age podcast, where she shares her weekly age-positivity with her listeners. Katie shares how fear around ageism has been eye-opening for her, and she believes that “aging out loud” is the only solution.

As a serial business builder, Katie knows all the challenges that come along the entrepreneurial road, but also the great benefits that come from being your own boss. She speaks about being creative, but also having a lot of confidence in yourself and your business, in order to be successful.

“The confidence comes from doing,” she tells us. Our conversation will help us understand how valuable our own experience and voice can be, while building a successful brand online (or offline).

Adrienne and Katie talk about permission-giving cooperative mindset in midlife, freeing perspectives of entrepreneurs, and the mindset of “stepping into the breach and creating something new”. They also chat about accepting our own value, lifting up our own voices, and being bold enough to value ourselves, as well as the importance of being in motion and moving toward something that opens the door for other opportunities. Katie, as a passionate podcaster with a mission, shares some incredible stories of her interviewees and why she thinks that podcasts are the best tool that allows people to connect and grow businesses.

🎤 Katie was a speaker and amazing panel moderator at the She Leads conference: She Leads Live will be held in October 2022. 01:04
💃 Katie has two businesses now: a communications consultancy, and her podcast about ageism and growing old loudly. 02:06
🎙️ Using multiple platforms as your business booster: the power of LinkedIn, podcasts, and newsletters as your own platforms for networking  07:04
🌟 “Confidence comes from doing”:  dive deep in to build your own skill set, and then see what other people in the space are doing. 10:54
😇 Be helpful and generous: Your voice and your way might be the only way that resonates with somebody at the exact time that they need it. 14:26
🤩 An MRI scan proves that love can last and we don’t fall apart with aging: some incredible stories from Katie’s interviews. 16:16
👩‍💼 Becoming a woman entrepreneur: fears, freedom, and challenges are real but the majority saw a need or a gap to fill based on their own experiences.  20:41
⚡ Don’t be afraid to start in one thing and end up in another: business building comes from building - just do it.  24:55
🙌 Adrienne’s teaching experiences revealed other ways and opportunities for traveling to Germany and teaching.  26:05
🤗 Katie is age-positive and grateful for her life: midlife can be hard but your age brings wisdom and experience important for building business. 27:58

 👉Connect with Katie: www.linkedin.com/in/katiefogartymedia
👉 Connect with Adrienne: www.sheleadsmedia.com