June 24, 2022

41. Building Businesses and Aging Out Loud with Katie Fogarty

“An age-positive spotlight on midlife” – that’s what communications wizard Katie Fogarty contributes to the podcast today. A woman wearing many hats, she runs The Reboot Group, which helps their clients tell better brand stories. Katie is also the proud h

🎤 Katie was a speaker and amazing panel moderator at the She Leads conference: She Leads Live will be held in October 2022. 01:04
💃 Katie has two businesses now: a communications consultancy, and her podcast about ageism and growing old loudly. 02:06
🎙️ Using multiple platforms as your business booster: the power of LinkedIn, podcasts, and newsletters as your own platforms for networking  07:04
🌟 “Confidence comes from doing”:  dive deep in to build your own skill set, and then see what other people in the space are doing. 10:54
😇 Be helpful and generous: Your voice and your way might be the only way that resonates with somebody at the exact time that they need it. 14:26
🤩 An MRI scan proves that love can last and we don’t fall apart with aging: some incredible stories from Katie’s interviews. 16:16
👩‍💼 Becoming a woman entrepreneur: fears, freedom, and challenges are real but the majority saw a need or a gap to fill based on their own experiences.  20:41
⚡ Don’t be afraid to start in one thing and end up in another: business building comes from building - just do it.  24:55
🙌 Adrienne’s teaching experiences revealed other ways and opportunities for traveling to Germany and teaching.  26:05
🤗 Katie is age-positive and grateful for her life: midlife can be hard but your age brings wisdom and experience important for building business. 27:58

 👉Connect with Katie: www.linkedin.com/in/katiefogartymedia
👉 Connect with Adrienne: www.sheleadsmedia.com