May 27, 2022

39. Artistry & Storytelling Through Jewelry Design with Ashita Shah-Bohra

President at Arunashi Inc, Ashita Shah-Bohra is a mom of two and a jewelry designer with traditions of jewelry making that span four generations. Her husband, Arun, and Ashita founded a high-end luxury jewelry company that is a perfect combination of thei

👩‍🎨 Ashita and Arun created Arunashi as a reflection of their relationship: generational background in jewelry designing.  02:19

🎓 Ashita and Adriene both finished the Goldman Sachs 10KSB program. 03:28

🎯 Creating of Arunashi: Focused on quality, precision, and artistry storytelling through each piece of jewelry.  05:14

Working with Bergdorf “We have to have your pieces in our stores”.  06:58

💍 No mass manufacturing, unique pieces are offered to specific high-end retailers with deep dive into the story behind each item.  08:09 

👨‍👩‍👦‍👦 Ashita and Arun moved to LA to be close to her family. 11:24

👩🏽‍💼 Self-proclaimed workaholic: returned back to work after being a stay at home mom to her kids. 13:02

🤹 Spending quality time with children: parenting while children are younger is different than when they’re emotional teenagers. 15:53

📈 Post COVID work has exploded and surprised Ashita: many new events and galas. 18:11

🤯 Celebrities don’t have time for shopping: business relationships with stylists. 19:35

😎 The learning curve in working with celebrities: specific placement of products.  20:45

😇 Emotional connection behind each jewelry collector: where secrets are going to be discovered, and open up slowly instead of just being presented. 23:25

🇮🇳 India’s deep jewelry history: family jewelers, heritage, and stories that stay in families.  25:08

🐌 Arun’s creative trajectories from the things that surround him: the snail whisperer. 28:03

💎 Jewelry that becomes part of you: time and effort needed to create one. 30:45

👉 Many business advice can’t be applied to Arunashi. 32:27

👠 Business models that match women's intuition: lead by your inner voice. 35:22

▶️ Courses and books are just the starting point in business: things to do when creating your business. 37:56

👂 Listening to the customers vs finding the solutions and products you want. 39:12

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