May 20, 2022

38. Getting Back to Nature in Us with Anngelica-Marie Eshesimua

Creator of the Self Care Success System and founder of Omekwa Organics, Anngelica-Marie Eshesimua is a wellness entrepreneur who empowers women through the journey of holistic Self-Care. She incorporates herbal remedies into her client’s lifestyle to support physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. Today, Anngelica-Marie shares how Omekwa Organics and Omekwa Oasis community were born and the reasons why she decided it is time for her to be her authentic self: healthy and happy. Anngelica-Marie’s mother helped her a lot, but the self-awareness and intuition she chose to listen to, played a crucial part in her healing.

Adrienne and Anngelica-Marie discuss why we feel lonely in medical processes, the three fears that cause burnout, how corporate affects our authenticity, what real wellness is, and how much the ethos placed upon us affects our judgment and habits.

Anngelica-Marie explains the concept of Omekwa Oasis and a need for all of us to have the weasel for rest where our human, intimate and warm community is helping us. She shares tough times she has experienced - breast tumor, depression, and burnout, and how she made the decision to actively get back to nature's vessel of health and peace.

🌺 Creating of Omekwa and Omekwa Oasis: benign cancer diagnosis and a need to support her body from natural sources. 02:15

👁️ The Great Resignation and Great Awakening. 03:43

🌞 The Self-care Success Assessment is a pillar to starting a mental, physical and spiritual healing journey. 05:14

😇 Utilizing community and communal care is a key to bridging the digital into more personal connection. 08:57

📱 Difference between prior and new generations: where are all the long talks gone? 10:16

🚨 When Anngelica-Marie felt she was off the track: disconnection from the present is an alarm. 12:36

😩 Corporate messes with your authenticity: reasons why Adrienne is an entrepreneur. 14:45

😨 Burnout feeds from these universal fears: Napoleon Hill’s book ‘The Law of Success’ and working on ‘reprogramming’ ourselves. 17:27

⚠️ Importance of recognition and making the active choice to not mask signals on your body and around you. 21:52

😍 Reasons behind creating her own business: jumping into it based on intuition was a huge leap of faith. 24:02

📺 Anngelica-Marie’s work is mixed with her experience in entertainment: creating interactive content, expressing creativity, and storytelling. 27:44

🧐 Gen X’s are not interested in just money, and they are not putting up with the nonsense of the ‘old’ corporate world.  29:07

⛑️ Trained to put up with a lot of things is really not healthy: taking the help and leap to back up your authenticity.  31:50

😎 Malcolm Gladwell’s book ‘The Paradox of Choice’: the world is abundant in opportunities. 34:34

💚 Choices and questions you have in front of you every day: keep making the choice to be active participants.  35:27


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