May 20, 2022

38. Getting Back to Nature in Us with Anngelica-Marie Eshesimua

Creator of the Self Care Success System and founder of Omekwa Organics, Anngelica-Marie Eshesimua is a wellness entrepreneur who empowers women through the journey of holistic Self-Care. She incorporates herbal remedies into her client’s lifestyle to supp

🌺 Creating of Omekwa and Omekwa Oasis: benign cancer diagnosis and a need to support her body from natural sources. 02:15

👁️ The Great Resignation and Great Awakening. 03:43

🌞 The Self-care Success Assessment is a pillar to starting a mental, physical and spiritual healing journey. 05:14

😇 Utilizing community and communal care is a key to bridging the digital into more personal connection. 08:57

📱 Difference between prior and new generations: where are all the long talks gone? 10:16

🚨 When Anngelica-Marie felt she was off the track: disconnection from the present is an alarm. 12:36

😩 Corporate messes with your authenticity: reasons why Adrienne is an entrepreneur. 14:45

😨 Burnout feeds from these universal fears: Napoleon Hill’s book ‘The Law of Success’ and working on ‘reprogramming’ ourselves. 17:27

⚠️ Importance of recognition and making the active choice to not mask signals on your body and around you. 21:52

😍 Reasons behind creating her own business: jumping into it based on intuition was a huge leap of faith. 24:02

📺 Anngelica-Marie’s work is mixed with her experience in entertainment: creating interactive content, expressing creativity, and storytelling. 27:44

🧐 Gen X’s are not interested in just money, and they are not putting up with the nonsense of the ‘old’ corporate world.  29:07

⛑️ Trained to put up with a lot of things is really not healthy: taking the help and leap to back up your authenticity.  31:50

😎 Malcolm Gladwell’s book ‘The Paradox of Choice’: the world is abundant in opportunities. 34:34

💚 Choices and questions you have in front of you every day: keep making the choice to be active participants.  35:27

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