May 13, 2022

37. The Power of Giving and Receiving in the Community with Thais Eliasen

CEO and founder of Entrepreneur Heart, Thais Eliasen is a Public Relations consultant, entrepreneur, and mom of four. Thais helps small businesses to focus on their business strategy of development, brand awareness, recognition & positioning, as well as f

😍 Thais contributed hair styling and hair care items for the UNBREAKABLE retreat  01:32

🎆 The work in Salvation Army: Growing up with amazing parents who were using their communicative skills for the benefit of the community.  02:32

👩‍💼 Transition from nonprofit to corporate and why Thais chose to open her consulting firm.  06:15

🦸‍♀️ Mom of four kids managing all situations: being authentic through serving others. 11:37

⚖️ She is very relational at college: pandemic and the balance of giving and receiving. 14:11

⚠️ Tradition and experience that is 100 years old: being locally and community-oriented gives huge growth in business. 17:30

😇 Adrienne’s philosophy is all about being good and fair: Atomic Habits book and power of constant tiny steps. 20:40

🤩 Don’t start without dreams: Thais makes the steps so her clients can start where they are with what they have, and what they know. 24:33

🌞 Getting yourself out there tips: try volunteering, learn from others -  even your rivals and just do it! 26:59

🧹 Getting rid of all the excuses: longevity matters, don’t look for a magic pill. 34:17 

🤫 Don’t make it about you: there’re so many reasons your business is not on the level you’d like. 36:36

🦋 Find a support system: being strategic about the leadership of your company is important because you just can't do it alone. 39:59

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