May 13, 2022

37. The Power of Giving and Receiving in the Community with Thais Eliasen

CEO and founder of Entrepreneur Heart, Thais Eliasen is a Public Relations consultant, entrepreneur, and mom of four. Thais helps small businesses to focus on their business strategy of development, brand awareness, recognition & positioning, as well as fundraising guidance and execution.

Today, Thais shares how her foundations were made in a lovely family of exceptional communicators who used their talents to help others in The Salvation Army, where Thais worked as well. Helping others and building the community by giving and receiving are the values she firmly stands for, and she explains how businesses built through communities are growing much faster.

Thais served people through non profit, corporate, and now, her entrepreneurial business by cultivating relationships and bringing people together. Thais is a big risk taker, but she always stays authentically herself no matter if she needs to ‘dress up’ differently for all life’s situations.

She strongly believes that without a plan and vision, business owners feel lost, discouraged, and distracted, and that is why every business needs help with a good strategy for their dreams to become reality. Thais shares the three most important tips for “getting out there”. Thais explains why nothing bad comes out of good, and why business owners should not ask for magic pill but be prepared for a marathon and longevity.

😍 Thais contributed hair styling and hair care items for the UNBREAKABLE retreat  01:32

🎆 The work in Salvation Army: Growing up with amazing parents who were using their communicative skills for the benefit of the community.  02:32

👩‍💼 Transition from nonprofit to corporate and why Thais chose to open her consulting firm.  06:15

🦸‍♀️ Mom of four kids managing all situations: being authentic through serving others. 11:37

⚖️ She is very relational at college: pandemic and the balance of giving and receiving. 14:11

⚠️ Tradition and experience that is 100 years old: being locally and community-oriented gives huge growth in business. 17:30

😇 Adrienne’s philosophy is all about being good and fair: Atomic Habits book and power of constant tiny steps. 20:40

🤩 Don’t start without dreams: Thais makes the steps so her clients can start where they are with what they have, and what they know. 24:33

🌞 Getting yourself out there tips: try volunteering, learn from others -  even your rivals and just do it! 26:59

🧹 Getting rid of all the excuses: longevity matters, don’t look for a magic pill. 34:17 

🤫 Don’t make it about you: there’re so many reasons your business is not on the level you’d like. 36:36

🦋 Find a support system: being strategic about the leadership of your company is important because you just can't do it alone. 39:59

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