May 6, 2022

36. The Power of Movement with Kodi Kitchen Berg

The founder of EQUIPT, Kodi Kitchen Berg is a mom, former model, and actress who understands the power of movement. Her fitness concept is different from others because it marries the idea of individualized movement, beauty, and sensuality. Kodi is building her business: slow, sensual, intuitive, and mindful to fit her life.

Today, Adrienne and Kodi discuss why women are building better businesses, how we create our habits, what is a rewarding movement that is possible everywhere and is not intimidating, intuition, and the feeling of balance that is important to nurture.

Kodi explains her passionate product creation of Ubarre which is actually a mixture of art, crafting, design and women’s way of problem-solving because who likes ugly weights anyway?

🤩 Kodi is gifting her products to the women on the UNBREAKABLE retreat.  01:34

🌺 Reimagined traditional fitness equipment to be more beautiful: Ubarre and EQUIPT. 02:28

👗 Kodi realized modeling wasn’t for her when she heard “Your body is too active for your face”. 04:37

🤠 Riding steer and the Billabong ad campaign. 06:03

👩‍🍼 Unconventional problem solving: Going out to the steel yards with her baby strapped around her chest. 09:06

🎨 Conscious consumption and creation: journaling, museums, welding classes, and replicating shapes from nature. 11:41

💪 Discovering how she wanted to work and discovering her strengths. 16:13

🍺 Vegan leather ankle weights, love for beer, and love for movement: rewarding instead of intimidating. 20:30

😎 Balance, bilateral movement, and healthier moments: Changing the traditional fitness concepts. 26:03

📚 Book Atomic Habits is revolutionary, and Kodi is trying to incorporate many principles from it. 27:54

🤸‍♀️ Workout obsessed vs. movement obsessed. 29:41

👩‍💻 Kodi’s business journey: from studio, museum visits in London to slow implementation of beauty concepts. 32:07

🌞 Kodi’s idea is to build her business through community: traveling, hospitality, and the ability to move everywhere with Ubarre. 37:36


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