April 19, 2022

35. The Best Products Come From Motivated Women - with Joyce Dales

CEO and Founder of Buzzagogo, Joyce Dales is an innovator who helps people eradicate or eliminate allergies, colds, and the flu right from the hub of viral infections - our noses.

Today Joyce shares how she became an entrepreneur and says it all started with a need to help her daughter. As with many good products, all the magic began with leaving her corporate job and turning to her creative side to become a maker. Adrienne and Joyce discuss enthusiasm, attitude, hopes, and conflicting feelings while building a women-owned business. The importance of having support from other women, the local community, and buyers' trust is essential for each woman in business. Joyce is an excellent example of a stay-at-home mom who did a fantastic job with an innovative concept that helps so many people and kids because, as she says: “The best products come from motivated women.”

😍 Adrienne’s allergies: Joyce is giving her products to all women on the UNBREAKABLE retreat.  01:51

👠 Support matters: Women would purchase from women more often. 02:30

🚧 Too many hurdles: Certification of a “Women-Owned Company” takes time and funds. 03:20

👃 Her baby was seriously immunocompromised: prepping products for the health of the nose. 06:35

⭐ The best products come from motivated women. 11:07

🔥 Great resignation is moving the mindset from corporate America: becoming makers again. 13:06

😇 Old fashion mindset: start locally; there is a trust issue within corporate. 14:18

🙌 Human connections and relationships vs. influences of shiny objects. 19:00

🙃 Riddle in entrepreneurship: FDA agents in Joyce’s house. 20:34

⚾ Red Sox had a cold: beginning an excellent business relationship and getting into CVS. 23:24

😫 Failure and the fear of whether or not you are making the right choices as an entrepreneur. 

🤯 Joyce learned two important phrases: Kinkeeping and weaponized incompetence. 27:33

🥘 Feeding the monster with: “Oh, let me do it.” 35:36

🐝 Cold Bee Gone and Allergies Bee Gone are Joyce’s main products. 37:15. 

👉 Connect with Joyce: www.buzzagogo.com

👉 Connect with Adrienne: www.sheleadsmedia.com