April 9, 2021

33. Leadership is Feminine, with Kris Plachy

Today's guest is Kris Plachy, an executive coach for female entrepreneurs, primarily women who are running seven and eight-figure businesses. Kris’ work centers on her vision ‘to prove the power of one thriving woman’. She shares impactful ideas on how m

🌺 When a woman thrives, everything and everyone around her thrive too. 2:12

😇 We're in the process of the entire system crumbling, and that's good news! 4:52

👩‍💼 Leadership is feminine because it comes through empathy and invention. 10:30

🎯 Don't play their rules, just go to a different place where leadership is a connection and a relationship. 14:39

👔 Posturing and positioning incorporate vs humanizing. 16:10

👥 'We will take care of our workers' shows also a high rate of disengagement among workers.  19:39

🍱 A cool office and organic snack can't substitute for good leadership and relationships. 21:18

🙆‍♀️ Women usually struggle to give themselves permission to nurture themselves and their goals and dreams without feeling guilt 23:47

👠 Do you ask your husband for permission or you will have an opinion and claim the space that you own in the world? 25:19

⭐ Step one: Decide that you already have it in you and lean into your greatness. 27:24

😎 There are so many ways to generate revenue and to have a self-sustained lifestyle--take back your power. 29:53

💆‍♀️ Build the business that serves you. 32:23

☀️ Tell the truth, decide on what you will do to solve the challenge ahead of you, and hang out with women-angels who are helping you. 35:30

🤩 'Let's see how it goes' approach vs. 'I'll make it work out the way I want it to be' approach. 40:30

🌅 Learn more about Kris' Hawaii retreats. 45:00

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