March 19, 2021

32. Shining a Light On Moms with Tonya McCornell of the MOM Film Fest

Tonya McCornell is the founder of the Making Our Movies Film Festival (MOM Film Fest) as well as a director, producer, writer, and single mom. She’s joined Adrienne in conversation about prejudices moms are currently experiencing, how moms are showing up

🎬 Tonya created an online film festival around her NYWIFT network, and moms around the globe submitted their movies to her first-ever MOM film festival. 2:44🤱 Focusing on motherhood--we must give moms respect, because they deserve it. 8:15🤕 All the challenges mothers are currently facing due to the pandemic. 10:42☹️ Moms in the film industry are experiencing prejudices and are faced with “mothering in the shadows.”13:20🎦 Tonya was a makeup artist on the set who soon started organizing sets and producing movies. 16:19🎥 Film is a great medium to help create dialogues around uncomfortable issues and Tonya is using film to explore important themes. 18:16🥳 It does not matter how young or old you are, a new voice is a new voice. 19:39⚖️ How are you going to make money vs. what impact do you want to make in this world? 22:18🎞️ Learning to create movies with the help of community and volunteering. 🔔 We need to get out of these patterns of thinking so we can make a change. 28:52🌺 MOM Festival will take place on August 20th-23rd with amazing support to all moms and parents. 30:30👍 Moms can create ads and commercials for products they are buying. 32:57⏩ You can help and donate MOM Festival. 34:27

Connect with Tonya and MOM Film Fest. your movie to MOM Festival for only $10 tonya_mccornellInsta: @momfilmfestTwitter: @MOMFilmFestTwitter: @TonyaMcCornell
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