Feb. 19, 2021

31. From The Farm to the Best Plan Ever with Jennifer Dawn

The second season of Sugar Coated starts with amazing Jennifer Dawn, owner of Jennifer Dawn Coaching, and founder of Best Planner Ever. Jennifer has started, grown and sold multi-million dollar businesses and she is an author, speaker, podcaster and coach

👠 Welcome, Jennifer. 1:55

👩‍👴🦳 Growing up and spending summers with her grandparents around their chiropractic offices tickled her entrepreneurship ideas out.  3:19

🍎 When Jennifer was eight, she turned her idea into money. 4:48

😎 She worked all the way through her high school and started her software company at 23. 5:46

🤩 After the 2008 crisis, Jennifer wanted to work in a corporate, but soon after, she started leading a National Network of Women Entrepreneurs 8:15

💻 Jennifer lost her momentum in college because of a loss in a family but figured it all out very fast and started a software company with 23. 11:59

🌟 Starting your own business just because you don’t like your job is not a smart idea. There are many options out there. 18:03

💎 There is a noticeable shift in SheEconomy and Jennifer strongly decides to show up the best with things she has control of.  21:30

🌞 Getting clarity about yourself is the path for changes. Winning is done in the trenches. 24:50

🧠 Your mind is your most powerful asset, be careful what you are feeding it with. 25:49

💜 When you're putting your message out to the world, have that message come from a higher place. Love, not fear. 31:12

🤑 When COVID hit coaching businesses, Jennifer coached her clients 3 months for free and clients now have record profits. 32:36

😉 In times of crisis, everything is about your mindset. 34:01

💫 Losing revenue and getting it back via a combination of shifting and double downing. 36:43

😇 Jennifer is a genuine person with so much positivity and optimism. 38:34

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