Nov. 27, 2020

29. Using The “3C’s” to Get To Authentic & Genuine Communication, with Jill Katz

Adrienne’s guest today is Jill Katz, the Founder of Assemble HR Consulting. She’s an expert communicator, influencer, speaker and strategy coach who’s passionate about shifting the workplace to be more human focused by using her “3C's” approach, #CandorCo

🤩Jill’s company focuses on the four critical C's of all company life, which is culture, communication, conflict and change. 2:33

🚦 Like every other entrepreneur, for years, Jill wanted to start her own business, but stopped herself on several occasions. 4:01

🤯 Jill observes the exact same issues across multiple industries.  That’s why she focuses on opportunities to solve people’s problems. 5:20

🛑 People are oftentimes fearful in their workplaces, because of company culture, limited feedback mechanisms, which leads to workers shutting down communications completely. 7:46

💃 Jill’s 3C’s model of sharing feedback with Candor, Courage, and Care is bringing back personal authenticity to work lives and helps both productivity and stress reduction. 11:28

🫂 The 3C’s model is not good only for work but it highly improves all relationships because it is all about people. 14:00

✌️ HR Assemble is company agnostic, but focus on choosing to work with leaders that have the right mindset. 16:18

🙋‍♀️ We need a more humane corporate world and innovative leaders who recognize this. 18:16

🙃 It's not always easy to explain to a group of cross functional partners or a leadership team that everything's going to be done in a different way. 20:26

🌸 At the end of day, culture is how we live and what we choose to do.  Every business owner should define it from the start of creating a business or it will define itself.  24:57

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Twitter: @jillbkatz


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