Nov. 13, 2020

27. Taking Flight - From the Navy to Advocate & Promoter of Women’s Voices

Today’s guest is Linda Maloney - retired naval flight officer, author, MBA, and CEO/Founder of Women Veterans Speakers. In this sweeping conversation, Linda takes us on her adrenaline-fueled journey filled with bold moves and firsts. She shares her grat

🙌 Hello again, Linda - an old friend and previous speaker at the She Leads 2016 Conference in NYC. 2:12

😇 Multi-passionate people like us are known as 'scanners', according to Barbara Sher, who recently passed away. 4:39

🪖 Linda joined the military when she was just 17 years old! 6:20

🌞 She is a huge proponent of mentorship, as she greatly benefited from people who were speaking positivity into her life. 9:26

🤯 Linda was a top-of-her class naval flight officer, flying from aircraft carriers.  She was the first woman who was successfully ejected from an aircraft - to great honor.  She went on to become a program manager for major aviation programs in the Navy.  11:40

📖 Linda’s book ‘Military Fly Moms’ was published in 2012 and recounts stories of 70 women in the military. 16:30

🙋‍♀️ We typically hear one or two ‘victim-y’ stories about women veterans, and there are much more positive and powerful stories.  Linda had a vision to elevate women veteran’s voices in a different, unique and powerful way.  20:17

🇺🇸 “Proudly She Served” is a collaborative art project that honors active duty military and veteran women.  27:28

🌹 In addition to all of this, Linda is a full-time working mother of two incredible human beings! 31:29

🎤 Women Veteran Speakers bureau has so many amazing and talented ladies that event managers, conference producers and companies can benefit from inviting to speak. 35:03

Connect with Linda and check out her work:

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