Oct. 17, 2020

26. How to Start & Grow Your Own E-commerce Brand, featuring Janis Carmina, the eCommerce QueenBee

Today’s guest on Sugar Coated is ex-police officer and e-commerce expert, Janis Carmina - otherwise known as the ECommerce Queen Bee. In this practical learning session, Janis openly shares super-practical and actionable advice on how she researched and

🌷Janis Carmina - member of the 400+ member She Leads Media online community - shares her expertise. 1:15
🦄 Ex-police officer, the ECommerce Queen Bee, creates 6 figures brands on Amazon.  2:32
🌞 Welcome to the Sugar Coated podcast, Janis. 4:33
💰 Using Amazon FBA and retail arbitrage as a side gig for earning money. 6:43
🤩 Janis discovered Private Label companies and started selling products under her own brand 7:02
🚓The fateful night on patrol when her career was finished. 9:57
🤓 Keys to selling on Amazon and exactly how to develop your brand. 12:52
🧜‍♀️ Right is authenticity sells these days. 15:10
🦄 No Straw Challenge and how Janis created a brand of environmentally friendly straws. 17:39
⚠️ Smart go-to-market advice: do not launch a product without doing your research first! 19:51
😻 If you don’t have a company yet established, it’s better to start as a sole proprietor then incorporate after you have some success. 29:36
📚 Question answered about Self Publishing on Amazon. 31:44
🤗If you want to scale, you can’t do it by yourself. You must hire the right help! 34:36
😓 Working too much ‘in the business’ instead of ‘on the business’ can lead to frustration and burnout, so you must watch out for this.  47:42
🤑 Don’t be mistaken:  There are many people who have money and time to purchase products and support the economy in these pandemic times. 55:26
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