Oct. 9, 2020

25. Crafting Powerful Words with Eva Janotta, Marketing Strategist & Consultant for the Women Helping Women Ecosystem

Eva Janotta is an expert, marketing strategist and consultant who helps women leaders and entrepreneurs to stand out powerfully online. Eva relays thoughtful insights on subject ranging from entrepreneurship to thought leadership, and how to build genuin

🌷Welcome Eva!  1:39
👩‍💼Helping women in communication strategy through thought leadership perspective.2:16
🚧 Usual obstacles in front of us: curse of knowledge. 4:56
🌊 Dealing with criticism: Thought leader should be bold and "make the waves" 5:43
☯️ Working on inner self is crucial for all. 7:39
📝 Eva helps entrepreneurs by formulating their ideas into words. 9:19
👠 Her journey from college to corporate and to entrepreneur. 12:32
🙃 Eva was avoiding asking for help from professionals, and that delayed her progress. 15:16
🤩 There's a team behind an entrepreneur, it is not all solely achievement of one person. 20:39
👎 People pleasing ruins everything. 23:37
🧠 "The hardest thing about entrepreneurship is my brain." 27:36
🗣️ Networking and mouth referrals can grow your business. 29:49
🤓 It is easy to connect with people and make friends even during pandemic. 33:20
 ✌️ Shifting energy of interaction with people is important, don't go into sales pitching mode. 36:41
🌞 Forget about the goal, concentrate on the process. 37:35
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