Sept. 11, 2020

24. Eradicating the All-Male, Pale & Stale Event Panels with Bobbie Carlton

Adrienne’s guest today is the award-winning PR pro - Bobbie Carlton, founder of Carlton PR & Marketing, Mass Innovation Nights, and Innovation Women. Bobbie’s passion and commitment to solving inequality for women’s visibility and influence has driven her

🎤Bobbie and Adrienne meet at the She Leads Conference in NYC. 1:56
💃 Bobbie is a CEO & founder of three companies, and recently she bought two more. 2:32
🛣️From the corporate world to entrepreneurship: 2008 was a turning point. 6:10
🖥️Online tools & tech made continuing business relatively easy, in the face of a global pandemic. 11:12
🤝Innovation Nights is Bobbie's startup showcase event company that has always promoted diversity. 17:20
 👚The “Pink Collar Ghetto” situation that afflicts women in PR. 23:18
👀Making personal networks aware of local companies and products. 26:42
🎆Creating an Innovation Nights style event in your local community can have a huge impact. 30:41
🖇️Innovation Women is a visibility bureau connecting event managers with women speakers, without speaker fees. 33:08
🤷‍♀️An explanation of the reason why women turn down speaking opportunities - it’s not what you think. 37:41
🎙️About expert speakers and “1 Google-search deep" speakers. 43:58
🤗Resources and tutorials Innovation Women provides--the differences between online + live speaking - it's not the same skillset. 46:41
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