Sept. 4, 2020

23. On Meaningful Relationships

Today Adrienne speaks about the concept of commitment as the baseline for really great relationships. She puts forth the idea that love is the most important element in personal relationships, and that other elements like mutual respect & commitment lead

🥳Celebrating a 25th wedding anniversary. 1:20

👀Every relationship goes through peaks and valleys. 2:12

💖My husband is my best friend. 5:31

✨ What makes for a great relationship? 6:14

🔔 Commitment is the single most important element for long relationships. 8:04

 🫂It is easier to bond with people when meeting face to face like at the She Leads Conferences. 11:40

🙃Commitment: more than a word, more than a feeling, and more than simply dedication.18:21

 🥗Lunchtime can be a starting point to form relationships with colleagues you work with. 23:10 

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