July 31, 2020

21. Confidence, Commitment & Campaigning, With Multi-faceted Expert Jade Simmons

Adrienne’s guest - Jade Simmons - is a rock star concert artist & experience maker, speaker, author, actress, podcast host, and now - an independent presidential candidate! This high-energy and sweeping conversation begins with discovering one’s purpose,

👋 Welcome, Jade! 01:02
🎹 From a concert pianist to a presidential candidate. 02:21
💭 Re-inventing who you really are. 06:17
💗 Figuring out your purpose. 08:45
☝ The age of mentorship: giving and receiving advice. 11:18
😨 Don’t let fear dictate your mode of operation. 16:00
🔍 What kind of leaders does this country need? 19:29
👥 Society expectations vs. society needs 24:40
👣 How to think bigger, do bigger, be bigger? 29:05
😎 Look at your own track record to find your source of confidence. 32:07
🙏 Bless those who curse you. 33:42
👠 Women vs. women: Why sometimes women don’t support one another? 37:01
😕 Negative statements and their impact. 42:16
💡 Vision instead of fear. 44:15
💬Operation Restoration:  https://jadesimmons.mykajabi.com/operationrestoration2020  47:17

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