July 24, 2020

20. Take Control of Your Financial Knowledge, with Wendy Cai-Lee, Piermont Bank

Adrienne & Wendy discuss why it’s critical for women business owners to be comfortable talking about all things related to finance and banking. In this conversation, you’ll learn more about Wendy & her story of becoming one of the only women CEOs in Bank

▶ Podcast intro 01:03
👋 Welcome, Wendy! 04:18
🏢 The Piermont Bank story. 06:51
👌 Finding the right banking partner. 09:25
💰 Bank loan or venture capitalists: What type of financing is the best? 12:32
🚫 What if your credit score is bad? 17:58
🆘 Bank resources: how to reach out for help. 22:34
👠 Wendy’s story: a woman in banking & finance. 24:13
👥 The finance industry’s attitude towards women. 29:26
🔁 Two-way street and value add. 34:47
😄 Attitude is more than half the battle. 42:11
💬 Reach out to Wendy https://www.linkedin.com/in/wendycailee  and Piermont Bank  https://www.piermontbank.com/  44:44