July 17, 2020

19. Have You Ever Felt Like You Had Too Much On Your Plate?

Today Adrienne talks about "Having too much on my plate” syndrome and how she finds time to do all the things that require doing in her schedule. Creating podcasts and empowering women to launch their shows is invigorating and exciting, but what happens w

🍛Having “Too much on my plate” syndrome. 2:10
⛑️Some tools I'm using - Brooke Castillo’s 'Monday Hour One'. 4:56
📝Think everything through, write it out on paper, and calendar it. 6:15
😟The system might not work for me? 8:34
📌What is your greatest tip for not feeling overwhelmed? 10:20
🎙️Would you like to launch a podcast? https://sheleads.podcastnetwork.io/ 13:02
😊Connect with me: adrienne@sheleadsmedia.com 14:01
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