July 10, 2020

18. How to Move from a Corporate Employee to a Profitable Entrepreneur, with Debra Boulanger

Adrienne has a sweeping conversation with Deb Boulanger, CEO of the Great Do-Over, and a podcast host on the She Leads Podcast Network. Deb’s super-power is helping women (and men) to leave the corporate world and start a profitable business, overcome ch

👋 Welcome, Deb! 01:04
🙅 Getting out of the corporate mindset. 02:15
😏 Having the confidence to leave the corporate world. 05:24
😰 What are the greatest challenges for women when creating their own business? 07:23
💡 Does success in corporate = success in entrepreneurship? 10:00
☀ The importance of a healthy mindset. 13:41
⛔ Fear is a luxury. 19:08
✌  Building relationships and one-on-one connections. 21:59
💪 Entrepreneurship as the new feminist movement. 23:20
🎧 The benefit of podcasting: podcasts as tools to connect with your audience. 25:37
💫 The Launch Lab program. 30:18
💵 Pandemic and the market change. 33:32
🙋 Invest in yourself! 34:55
😓 Being open to the possibility of negative feedback. 38:09
💬 Connect with Deb and Life After Corporate https://thegreatdoover.com/ and https://sheleads.podcastnetwork.io/podcast/life-after-corporate/ 41:36
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