July 3, 2020

17. Big Breaths & Bold Moves - Using Your Mind To Create Radical Change

Today's show is about self-work and the huge influence that podcasts have had on Adrienne's thinking. In this episode, she reveals what was holding her down and how shaking off burdens has taken quite a long time. Adrienne reveals how she decided to step

🎙️Podcasts: tools and resources for self-help and encouragement  1:46
👌Recommendation: Life Coach School Podcast by Brooke Castillo. 2:24
👣Steps on the path: Thoughts, Emotions, Actions, Results 3:47
🙌Tiffany Carter's podcast provided me with amazing tips: ProjectMe with Tiffany 6:44
🤬My corporate failure: well who needs you, mother**ckers? 9:35
🌾Some losses really show us that we have to rely on ourselves. 14:59
✨Anger is an energy: the birth of She Leads Media. 15:56
📻Fierce Feminine Leadership - Eleanor Beaton Podcast 17:18
🔥I had an epiphany! 18:00
🔔Don't slow down: just take a big breath! 18:46
🗣️Let me know what holds you back. 22:54
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