June 27, 2020

16. Showing up in a heteronormative world, with LGBT Leadership Expert, Shannon Marie Whittington

Adrienne’s incredible, multi-passionate guest - Shannon Marie Whittington - is a John Maxwell Servant Based Leadership Expert, author of two books, a leadership consultant specializing in LGBTQ inclusion, a transgender health expert, and a Registered Nurs

🙋‍♀️Meet amazing Shannon Whittington. 2:29 
🏆Interesting combination: nursing and leadership. 4:38
💎Shannon became the nurse leader she wanted to have. 6:15
🙌 Nurses rules! 6:30
😞 Health care professionals need more education about LGBTQ health. 13:12
🤯Fear and caution - gay couples experiences in a heteronormative world. 16:53
🌟Treat everybody like a human being. 28:55
😟Each company has a need for courses and teaching about LGBTQ. 30:39
💪When real life kicks in: everyone sees the product, no one sees the work. 32:33
🪨A false sense of stability and security. 38:06
👩‍❤️‍👩The loving support of a spouse is crucial in her work as a clinical transformer. 41:10
🌈Consult with Shanon on how to create an LGBTQ+ inclusive environment in your companies: http://www.whittingtonconsulting.com/ and https://www.linkedin.com/in/shannonwhittington 44:30