June 22, 2020

15. Kristin Molenaar - CEO of Yes Boss VA - Is On A Mission To Eradicate Entrepreneurial Stress

Kristin is the CEO and Founder of Yes Boss VA, a virtual assistant agency that specializes in helping solo-preneurs to scale their business. Adrienne and Kristin talk about the emotional journey from a corporate job to entrepreneurship, and the importance

👋 Meet Kristin and her work. 01:30
💗 Is it necessary to have a passion for what you’re doing? 03:59
🌱 Starting at the bottom - again. 07:35
😎 Keeping your confidence in solo-entrepreneurship. 10:19
👉 Don’t get caught in the comparison game! 14:03
👑 Don’t tie your business to your identity and your self-worth. 16:28
👶 Your business is not your baby! 19:30
😰 At what point do entrepreneurs realize they need help? 23:10
👪 The power of delegation. 25:47
😄 Replacing your income with a freedom mindset. 30:12
💵 What if you don’t have the money to afford these services? 33:48
💡Hire people who believe in the vision of your company. 36:48
👏 Partner with your clients. 40:20
💬 Get in touch with Kristin https://www.linkedin.com/in/kristinmolenaar/ and Yes Boss VA https://yesbossva.com/ 42:18