June 12, 2020

14. Illana Raia, CEO of Être Girls, helps girls figure out exactly who they want to be

Adrienne’s guest is Illana Raia, the CEO and founder of the organization Être Girls - a mentorship program and platform that connects professional women with school age girls. Her work helping and mentoring middle school and high school girls is both inc

😔 The grim atmosphere we are living through, June 2020 01:25

👋 Meet Illana and Être Girls 05:33

🙋 Why is it important for young girls to meet female leaders? 08:11

💔 When do girls lose their confidence? 12:54

👭 Building a network of female mentors 16:48

🙌 The importance of male allies 18:41

👣 How can young girls get exposed to Être Girls? 21:40

☀ Bringing Être Girls into schools and after school clubs 25:08

📕Spotlight on our book: “Girls, Who Do You Want to Be? Wise Words for World-Changing Girls” 30:53

💬 Want to get involved with Être Girls? 35:30

👭🏽 Don’t underestimate girls. Speak out, stand up. You can do it too! 38:05