May 22, 2020

12. Powerful and genuine conversations among women leaders - with Paulina Lopez, CEO & President of the Business of WE

Adrienne talks to Paulina Lopez - CEO and President of The Business of WE - women entrepreneurs - about women leaders coming together in a collective way to enhance their leadership and influence, and to develop programs that offer true value.

   Meet Paulina Lopez 04:30
  Why kind, genuine conversation is the key 07:22
  Has your selflessness gone too far? 09:07
  The importance of creating offline connections 10:26
  How can women demonstrate that they are leaders? 14:57
The power of collective energy 17:23
    Empowering women of color 20:33
    The supportive environment of the WE business community 22:49
    Women entrepreneurs and choices during Corona pandemic 26:05
    Power pause: How to maintain high vibe energy 29:53
    Faith over fear:  focus on the good and tap into your creativity 33:02
    How to get in touch with Paulina: 33:55
    Virtual Mastermind on May 27 – don’t miss it! 34:32
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