May 15, 2020

11. Insights and lessons learned - how Kristin Marquet, Fem Founder CEO launched, scaled, grew, sold & then started another business!

Listen in as Adrienne speaks with Kristin Marquet, CEO and president of Marquet Media and the creator of Fem Founder about how she created a business, scaled it up, hired team members, then sold it…and then, in entrepreneurship fashion, started another su

Kristin’s business story 02:07
You're only as good as your team 06:41
The Fem Founder – the website for female entrepreneurs 09:34
How to stay in the game during the pandemic? 15:31
How are beauty brands benefiting from people working from home? 19:00
From Nameless to Notable Book   22:31
The differentiating factor: how to be unique at what you’re offering? 26:18
What’s next for Kristin? 29:16
Creating an online presence: What does the audience want? 34:25
How to get visibility online: Paid adds vs. organic search 35:50
  Get in touch with Kristin 39:33