May 8, 2020

10. Small Businesses - You’re Not Alone - The Attorneys of Ingram LLP Offer Up Important Information & Resources for Small Business Seeking Assistance

The brilliant and wonderful attorneys at Ingram, LLP a client focused New York City law firm, speak with me about the things that businesses can think about and take control of NOW - like pivoting, seeking new partnerships or pausing operations altogether

Meet Sheila, Jennifer and Warren 02:59
  Looking at your revenue projections and expenses over the next few months 05:31
  Take control of your financial situation and get to know your numbers! 08:24
  Considering putting everything on pause for several months 13:42
  Get creative and be flexible 15:16
  Where can you get money if you fall short? 18:48
  What about businesses with fewer than 3 employees? 22:06
  Need to shut down your business? What financial resources are available? 25:24
  Joining forces in difficult times – merging business with other companies 28:11
  Be aware of scams and cyber frauds! 32:45
  What categories of businesses are less affected by the pandemic crisis? 38:11
  The business shift of the future – operating from the place of humanity 40:12
  Contact Ingram: 44:19