May 1, 2020

09. Practical, Evergreen PR Advice for Thought Leaders and Businesses with Annie Scranton, Pace PR

Listen in to my conversation with Annie Scranton, CEO of Pace Public Relations, a prestigious NYC based PR firm on how to avoid PR mistakes and leverage PR secrets to position yourself and make your brand stand out. Annie offers up exceptionally practica

Meet Annie Scranton: Founder & President of Pace Public Relations & Former TV producer  2.58
An Email that changed the course of her life 5.53
A secret for growing your network 8.27
Want to be a successful entrepreneur? Love what you do! 11:36
How to get noticed by traditional media? 12:11
Gain insight into your uniqueness - Just ask others what they think! 15:23
Use comparative analysis! 16:30
COVID entrepreneur challenges: Is it smart to put yourself out there now? 18:56
Do your research. 20:22
Don't randomly pitch yourself to journalists by email - build relationships. 21:42
  How a PR can help in pandemic times? 24:53
  Think about the specific trends that pertain to your industry. 28:39
  Way to start: Power of Social Media. 31:11
  Podcasts are a splendid way to gain visibility. 33:13
  I can get you on TV: 38:49