April 17, 2020

07. What the youth are thinking and experiencing right now: A conversation with my son, Chris

How teenagers and young people feel during this pandemic and what are their biggest challenges during the quarantine time? Christopher Garland gives us an insight into young people’s thoughts about the Coronavirus crisis.

Meet Chris 01:35
The biggest concerns about the pandemic from the perspective of a college sophomore 03:47
Are young people getting fatigued from the screen time during the pandemic? 06:28
Bad weather during quarantine – helpful or not? 08:38
What to do if the quarantine measures continue longer than we expect? 11:25
Having a concrete schedule vs. having all the time in the world 15:00
We’re all in the same boat 17:43
Quarantine after the quarantine? 18:56
What about the economy after the quarantine? 22:23
What are young people’s hopes for the future after the Coronavirus crisis? 24:00
Does money save you from the virus? 25:17
Everything will work out eventually 27:10