April 3, 2020

05. Brand Building & Bold Approaches - Conversation with Jessica Korthuis, CEO & Founder Sohuis, Branding and Marketing for Female Founders & Aspiring Entrepreneurs

How to find fulfillment and success navigating your entrepreneurial role. What are the tactical ways that you need to be branding yourself, branding your business, growing and evolving your marketing strategy?

Meet Jessica Korthuis, branding expert, CEO and founder 01:49 Background of Sohuis – how it all started? 04:49 Do you recognize your entrepreneurial spirit? 08:21 Entrepreneurship – a safe career choice? 11:51 Are you following a path to nowhere? 14:08 The importance of Brand and Branding - driving all other areas of the business. 19:17 Understanding your customer – where does your product bring value? 21:25The struggles of content creators 23:20 Personal vs. Work - why are boundaries essential? 29:48 How to organize your day to successfully ladder towards your goals? 33:23 Entrepreneurship is a marathon, not a sprint. 38:51 Thrive global podcast: why women entrepreneurs need to reclaim their time? 40:32 Entrepreneurship should make you feel happy. 42:38 Tapping into the new networks. 48:38 Sohius - an educational platform for branding and marketing strategies. 49:55 http://bit.ly/sheleads-sohuis 2:36