March 13, 2020

02. Powerful Conversations With Author and Leader, Hira Ali

Sugar Coated interview with amazing Hira Ali, the author of the best-selling book “Her Way To The Top” and the career flight instructor. Managing director of the International Women Empowering events. Together we look at the problems women face in the ent

Projects that empower women leadership and ethnic minority leadership 02:04
The experience of networking and partnering with others on major projects 04:38
The new culture of women uplifting each other and collaborating to achieve great things 05:42
Collaboration as an idea of the collective 10:26
Clear and direct communication style will help you move forward and accomplish goals 11:11
Why is it important for women to be firm and assertive as well as polite and likable? 12:37
How cultural differences interfere with women expressing their voices? 17:40
How women can be bolder in their communication style without crossing the line? 20:10
How to get along with people who don’t share the same values and practices? 23:08
Be empowered from within and don’t be scared to ask for help 25:54
Let go of staging the perfect image and perfect behavior 30:12
Ask yourself “What’s the worst that can happen?” 33:49
Connecting eastern and western women through international women entrepreneur events 36:33
#inthistogether 40:55
How to reach out to Hira Ali on social networks? 43:43