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Using entrepreneurship to breakthrough the glass ceiling!

I am so happy that your first episode focused on how women are using entrepreneurship to create the life they want. I remember the first time I though about being an entrepreneur, I literally felt sick. Like you said, worried about giving up my “paycheck”. But I love your advice of throwing all you…

Super helpful

Deb’s podcasts are super helpful for budding entrepreneurs like myself. I highly recommend listening to her podcasts. She is also very interactive and helpful if you have follow up questions.

They is life after corporate!

Thank you for bringing to light that there is life after corporate. I’m many years out of the corporate hamster wheel and I know how soul sucking it can feel. I love the advice you share about getting your first clients and not worrying about a fancy website or branding. I agree wholeheartedly! You…

So informative

Deb is incredible with her words, tone, and information she provides. She truly keeps you engaged and wanting to listen. This podcast is so great and detailed! Can’t wait for the next episode!

Inspired straight talk

Deb has a wealth of experience in the corporate world—and sh’s smart and savvy. The information and advice she shares is authentic and practical. Thank you for making this a must-listen podcast for women who want to positively impact others.

Inspiring and real

Deb is a warm, encouraging and insightful host. She is masterful in keeping the conversation on track and sharing information critical to creating transformation.

Deb’s is a great show

This show is wise and insightful, calm and inspiring. Deb is a skilled facilitator with deep expertise. I love how she calls listeners “my friends” — it’s so warm and inviting. Deb brings a sense of humor and real, deliberate advice to this show and her interviews. Deb doesn’t skip any of the essen…

Incredibly impactful

I love these podcasts. They are bite sized for daily inspiration and always leave me with actionable solutions. Today I have a brand new approach for finding my customer’s pain points that came to me while listening to “why your marketing plan isn’t working”. Thank you!

Great podcast

Fantastic information! Perfect for any corporate woman looking to re-launch in the entrepreneurial space. My only regret is I wish I would have found it sooner. Full of great information.

taking control of your career

Deb and Nicole were a breath of fresh air in this epsiode about, taking control of your career after a transition. It actually touched on many aspects of career transition, not just after a pandemic. And, I found it very centering. Spoken w/ insight, conviction, and clear direction on how to piv…

Natasha Episode

Deb is a powerhouse! Well spoken, articulate, gets to the point, no fluff, and is a fabulous resource for intelligent entrepreneurial females looking to learn, growth and expand. Deb provides short and effective snippets of helpful bullet points/‘to dos’ and keeps the listener engaged. Loved Natas…

Expert advice with empathy

Deb Boulanger has successfully twisted from corporate executive to entrepreneur powerhouse and now she generously shares her advice with others. Smart questions, interesting guests and we all benefit from her experience, insight, and unique empathetic touch.

Thank you for the podcasts.

Love the podcasts. Very practical insights and advise that I can apply immediately. I also like the expert guest speakers and how Deb ties the content together propelling me forward on the day to day in my entrepreneurial journey. Great way to kick start the day.

Worth your time

This podcast is full of practical and relatable advice to help you on your success path. I really appreciate all the tips, constantly getting new ideas from this content. I recommend you listen first thing in the morning to get your day off to a successful start.

Specific, relevant and actionable advice!

This epsiode with Natasha was fantastic. In general, if you already have or are considering launching your own business, the entire podcast is something you should listen to. It provides very clear, specific, actionable advice on building a business while being super inspiring. I also find it d…

Happy Accident!

As a podcast addict, I am always on the lookout for informative and solid segments. I found Deb’s fifth episode on my LinkedIn feed, listened to all, and a few of them twice for better notes. What’s different? Zero hype. No artificial sweeteners. “Nutrient dense” using commons sense, organic …

She hits the nail on the head!

Deb Boulanger is so clear on her messaging and gets right to the point. She understand exactly how you may be feeling and gives actionable steps on what to do next. I have listened to many podcast where most of the time the host pitches their business. Deb dives right in and helps the listener. I …


This was so timely as I was sitting at my desk procrastinating writing my next workshop that I started listening to your podcast. Hello resistance! Spot on advice for new biz owners.

Before You Launch, Listen!

Deb gets me. She gets us. Women entrepreneurs making leaps. Her upbeat, positive encouragement fits perfectly with her ability to tackle touchy areas we don’t often expose. All around great show - kudos to the production team!!

Right on!

Deb makes the path seem less overwhelming with digestible steps to creating your life as an entrepreneur. Good listen, I highly recommend it !


Your love for what you do and who you are shines through in every word you say. Your intimacy in sharing your journey really hit home...(even for a guy!). Thank you for all the information and encouragement. I look forward to hearing all that you have to share in your future podcasts.

Inspirational and Practical!

Deb is an expert in her field and that comes through loud and clear in her Life After Corporate podcast. It’s encouraging to hear that there is a very real way to leave a corporate job and move into entrepreneurship by creating a business that is profitable. I can’t wait to hear more tips from Deb …

Deb is candid and Inspiring

Looking forward to this series. Deb has a no nonsense and practical approach to launching a business.


Deb provides such sound advice. This is a must subscribe podcast for anyone transitioning to entrepreneurship. I am sure there is so much more brilliance to come. Thanks, Deb.

Inspiring and relatable!

Looking forward to the next episode.

Powerful insights and guidance for making the leap

Deb is inspiring yet grounded, and positive with practicality. Making the leap from corporate to entrepreneurship isn't easy, but Deb's advice makes it all seem possible and even probable!

Smart, savvy advice for anyone thinking about making the leap from corporate!

I just listened to the first episode of this podcast and wish I’d known Deb Boulanger when I was transitioning from a high-level corporate job to owning my own business! I appreciate the powerful combination of contagious enthusiasm and savvy business sense. Loved hearing about her own personal jou…

Great advice

Very inspiring! I’m already hooked. Looking forward to the next episode!

Love it!

Very inspiring!