Dec. 14, 2020

39. How Does Faith Fit With Entrepreneurship? with Ambassador Suzan Johnson Cook

39. How Does Faith Fit  With Entrepreneurship? with Ambassador Suzan Johnson Cook

Today a special guest is a former Ambassador Suzan (Sujay) Johnson Cook, who is the founder of The Global Black Women's Chamber of Commerce. She is also a White House fellow and former Ambassador for International Religious Freedom under President Barack

☕Deb and Suzan met on ‘The Billionaire Weekend for Women’ but ended up talking about being mothers over coffee. 2:18😇 Faith-based or faith-infused entrepreneurship connects us to a power that's bigger than us. 3:21👧🏽 Entrepreneurship and leadership began for Suzan very early.  Her understanding of other cultures in countries around the world gave her a different perspective on life.  5:06👉🏽 Suzan was just 13-years old when she saw her role model - a woman minister.  When she was 17, she realized she wanted to be a minister. 10:17🧡 Having a family that makes you whole and a supportive community who is proud of you, the only thing on your mind is to give them back even more than you received. 14:18😕 Racism and sexism that she’s had to deal with. 16:53⛪ Why did Suzan decide to be the Chaplain of the New York City Police Department? 19:26🕊️ The stress from 9/11 and the spiritual triage at Ground Zero. 22:21🙏🏾 Find your healing place and safe harbor: Suzan means to take a pause. 27:08🗽 Suzan was the first Baptist pastor that the White House ever had in the history of the fellowship. They needed someone to help them stay spiritually grounded. 31:13😲 What do you do when Bill Clinton asks for help. 33:50🤔 Your faith will make you whole but like your business plan, you have to revisit who you are spiritualy, too.38:07🌟 The Smart Principles: digitize, energize, strategize, monetize, organize, globalize, and glamorize. 40:01👩🏾‍💼 Global Black Woman's Chamber of Commerce is the first chamber that focuses solely on black women-owned businesses. 40:55📚 Suzan is the author of “Too Blessed To Be Stressed: Words of Wisdom for Women On The Move.”
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