Oct. 6, 2020

30. Resistance is a Bitch

30. Resistance is a Bitch

As a part of the “Mastering Your Inner Game” series, Deb talks about resistance as fear of doing the work. Every professional knows that fear will never fully go away, and as an entrepreneur, you cannot hide from fear. You create results only when your

🤩 As an entrepreneur, you're the creator of your destiny. 0:46

⚔️There is no fearless warrior or a dread free artist. 3:00

✌️ How to get past resistance? 5:00

⏰ It is time for conscious action for self-compassion, and making courageous choices. 6:33

🌞 Having the guts to shine is not an easy task. 7:20

🔥 Find your voice by using your voice. 08:09

💎 People are buying you, especially when you first start out. 10:28

🤔 Explore what is the source of your resistance? 11:23

💪 Turning pro is free, but it demands sacrifice. 12:02