Sept. 7, 2020

27. Why isn't your marketing plan working?

27. Why isn't your marketing plan working?

Having a great idea and marketing plan can’t guarantee a business. When creating a business it is very important to do the right things in the right order to grow it as quickly as you can. Deb discovers some great tips and tools every fresh entrepreneur s

🙃Having a great marketing plan is not enough. 0:56

🤔What does it take to launch and grow a services business? 1:34

🌟The Formula for success. 1:52

😎Starting your business? Order matters.  2:30

📝Journaling is a path to your soul and a great habit you should develop.  4:16

👍New gaps mean new opportunities for carving out a unique niche. 6:43

📢You need to be seen and heard above the noise. 9:21

📌The golden nugget.11:18

Step by step path on how to make business vision a reality: Out of Corporate: Pricing Masterclass on September 15