March 9, 2020

02. Three Ways to Replace Your Corporate Paycheck

02. Three Ways to Replace Your Corporate Paycheck

Top three ways to start a business and replace the paycheck you left behind.

There are three different paths you can take to launch a business - which is right for you? 00:41 

 The side hustle – can you really launch a business "on the side?" 04:03

  What is the gap you see in the market? 05:15

  How can you build confidence in your skills while your side hustle grows? 06:32

  Why it's important to spend time testing your big idea. 07:22

 Which is the longest of all three approaches? 10:06

 "Test first" – the second path to entrepreneurship 11:03

  How little failures help shape your new ideas that will work. 13:36

  The pros and cons of leaping first. 14:34

  What if I don't like selling? 15:20

  What is the best way for me to fill in my skill gaps and grow my business? 16:51

  Why is joining a community important? 18:35

 What if I want to go back? 22:05

  Download the 9 Questions To Ask Yourself If You Are Ready to make the leap  23:56
 Join the Life After Corporate Facebook Group 25:37