May 24, 2023

95. Melisa Keenan - Heal Yourself & Your Business With Intimate Feminine Energy

95. Melisa Keenan - Heal Yourself & Your Business With Intimate Feminine Energy
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 A healthy intimate relationship can directly translate to a healthy and successful business. Melisa Keenan is an intimacy coach and explains the deep connection between our business life and our intimacy. Juggling the energetic spaces needed to run a business with masculine energy and bring femininity and intimacy home to your loved one can be exhausting. The solution isn’t about putting on a dress or painting your nails, it’s connecting with your Yin, exploring your desires, and allowing your love life to become life-giving again. Sex and intimacy can be profoundly healing, and this energy is directly tied to the creative energy needed to thrive in business. Open a space of feminine energy for yourself and bring vision, pleasure and play to your business!

Show notes:

👩‍💼 Melisa is the go-to intuitive intimacy expert for high-achieving spiritual CEOs: when focusing on achieving perfectionism, many businesswomen fall into a more masculine energy. 02:05
💅 Your husband may say he wants you to vacuum more, put on a dress, or color your nails, but that doesn't really fill his love tank. 07:26
☯️ We are culturally told what it means to be a good woman, but it doesn't always align with us: Yin & Yang are feminine and masculine energy, and we all have both. 09:05
👉 Feminine energy is the opportunity for emotion, connection, and curiosity: male energy operates more in businesses. 13:28
👫 Marriage is a life-giving experience and opportunity, but we often forget to express and meet our desires. 16:17
🤗 Women tend to carry a huge wound, even if we weren't personally sexually abused: this is why we may avoid intimacy and security, feel shut off, and lack creativity even in business. 20:52
❤️ Menopause affects your body and mood, and a little bit of testosterone can go a long way: Melisa helps women who don't want hormone therapy find things that give them pleasure. 28:21
👄 Sex can be a tremendous vehicle, even in menopause: many women miss out on exploring the concept of “sex magic” because they are too busy. . 32:46
✅ The sacral chakra is responsible for your pleasure, creativity, and vision: that energetic space can help us stay in a place of creativity, expansion, and joy. 37:29
📚 Melisa is super approachable and will talk to you on social media: you can find her books on Amazon. 42:15


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