May 17, 2023

94. Mortality as Motivation with Kate Manser

94. Mortality as Motivation with Kate Manser
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 Viewing mortality as a source of motivation and courage is essential for a more positive journey through life. Kate Manser is a spiritual teacher who helps people learn to love and embrace the journey of life with a renewed sense of appreciation and vitality. It’s no secret that life isn’t all sunshine and rainbows, and that there will always be challenges and hurdles. The key to feeling more alive is to stop living for the next big achievement and learn to love the journey. Shift your mindset and learn to embrace the beauty in the mundane and challenging moments, and accept mortality as the profound source of motivation that it truly is. Life can be filled with beauty and fun when you let the appreciation of living drive your attitude! 

Show notes:
🧘‍♀️ Kate became a spiritual teacher, author, and artist that helps people feel more present and alive: no matter what we do, there'll be challenges, but as a monk once said - “no mud, no lotus.” 01:22
⚰️ You might die tomorrow: it's polarizing, but also a source of courage, motivation, truth, clarity, and presence. 05:56
⛰️ One of Kate's friends died climbing Everest, but she realized he died doing something he loves: the true challenge of life is to feel alive while standing at the kitchen sink doing dishes. 10:11
🤔 Look at the attitude you're approaching your day with - maybe you can whistle while working?: the “deathbed gut check” is a perspective tool you can use when you need to make a decision without judgment and external influences. 17:30
🧠 When you feel completely overwhelmed, rediscover the beauty of life: Kate recommends a few books to help you claw your way out and wake up the right-brain symphony. 24:28
🌡️ Are you a thermostat or thermometer?: a thermostat sets the mood for everybody around them. 35:37
💚 It is a privilege to wake up in the morning. 41:14



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