May 3, 2023

92. Amy Feind Reeves - Bridging the Management Gap in a Post-Covid Workplace

92. Amy Feind Reeves - Bridging the Management Gap in a Post-Covid Workplace
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Amy Feind Reeves is the founder and CEO of Job Coach Amy and shares the wisdom she has gained in the workplace from her 25 years as an executive hiring manager. She discusses the struggles in today’s job market and how management and employees have become too detached. What’s more, fewer people seem to be applying for jobs in the aftermath of Covid due to being shell-shocked and burned out from the way the workplace has evolved. The new generation of employees feel under-appreciated and are experiencing a lack of opportunities to grow within their workplace. To bridge the gap between management and employees, organizations must begin to build a culture of respect and value that facilitates opportunity and advancement with constructive feedback. Avoid management by least resistance and create a dedicated and passionate workforce for your business!

👱‍♀️ Amy Feind Reeves recently published a book called College to Career, Explained - which explains tools, skills, and confidence for your job search. 01:33
3️⃣ The job always goes to the person who wants it the most: you need 3 things at any stage of the job search process. 10:45
📊 Millennials may skew a little bit towards money, but the statistics show that feeling valued, validated, and respected are big drivers: there are specifically targeted packages that can be purchased to set you apart from other employers. 21:29
👩‍💼 Millennials have a different approach to work because they were raised differently: the biggest management mistake is falling into “management by least resistance.” 27:31


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