April 19, 2023

90. Uncover Passive Income & Make Your Capital Work For You with Andrea Cwik

90. Uncover Passive Income & Make Your Capital Work For You with Andrea Cwik
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Investing your money in the right places can unlock passive revenue streams. Andrea Cwik is a real estate investment expert who shares her wisdom on how busy business professionals can find sources of passive income. There are so many places out there to invest your money, but finding the best opportunities requires research, networking and getting educated. Thankfully, there are investment strategies that allow you to use your money efficiently but don’t require active engagement. For the busy entrepreneur, commercial real estate and working with syndications are excellent strategies for adding hands-off investments to your portfolio. Shift your mindset and make your capital work for you!

🏒  Andrea manages over 180 million dollars in real estate portfolio assets: leaving California for Texas was a great opportunity to learn about investments and real estate. 02:31
πŸ’² Find someone who knows more about investing than you: syndications are similar to crowdfunding. 06:45
πŸ₯ Commercial real estate is a great investment for the busy business owner: working with a syndication company you trust will bring the opportunities to you. 09:17
πŸ’΅ Andrea and her team built relationships with passive investors: the typical minimum investment is $50-100.000. 11:29
πŸ’° Investors get quarterly cash flow and the appreciation play: COVID didn't affect the real estate business. 14:37
πŸ“ˆ Assets typically turn around in four to six years: after selling the building, money goes back to the investor. 16:57
❗ Andrea shares a few tips on how to start as an investor. 19:35
βœ… Let your capital work for you so you can concentrate on what you want to do. 22:14


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