April 12, 2023

89. Tap Into Your Intuition For Success In Business & Life, with Lee Chaix McDonough

89. Tap Into Your Intuition For Success In Business & Life, with Lee Chaix McDonough
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Learning to understand your brain/body connection is essential for success. Lee Chaix McDonough, founder of Coach With Clarity, shares her wisdom on using our intuition to unlock a more successful business and fulfilling life. Many of us suffer from internalized messages that prevent us from taking steps forward in life and business, and the key to overcoming these obstacles is to trust our intuition. Our brains and our “gut” don’t always agree, and we’re often held back by our brain trying to protect us from stepping outside our comfort zone. Learning to distinguish our brain from our intuition isn’t easy, so don’t be afraid to seek help from a coach or a therapist if you’re feeling stuck. Lift the restraints of your comfort zone and learn to trust your intuition!

🌺 Lee was a psychotherapist for almost 15 years before she started coaching. 02:03
🔸 Follow your intuition to save yourself from a lot of heartaches. 04:33
💮 You can feel intuition in your body: pay attention to the sensory experience. 06:38
🔹 Mindset is how we relate to our internal experiences: we can differentiate mindset chatter from intuition by creating a space between the thought and the self. 09:33
☺️ We each have an upper limit for the amount of joy we feel safe holding and expressing: excavate your internalized messages. 15:10
🔹 How to decide if you should be working with a coach or a therapist. 20:46
💡 You have to define what progress is in order to get results: if it's not working, change your supportive partner. 26:21
🔸 A coaching relationship takes both people coming together to create a synergy, but the work is your responsibility. 28:53
🌸 Whether you choose a coach or therapist, the center of the experience is the relationship. 30:55


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