March 22, 2023

86. Lisa Wohlleib - Negotiate Before You Say "I Do!”

86. Lisa Wohlleib - Negotiate Before You Say
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Managing finances during a divorce can be much less stressful if you are prepared. Lisa Wohlleib is a financial analyst and founder of assetPARTNERS, a company that works with lawyers and individuals to help resolve financial disputes during divorce proceedings. It’s no secret that divorce is a stressful and awful experience, but there are steps you can take to make the process easier. One way to prevent stress is by agreeing to equalize access to finances during divorce so one partner is not locked out during or after the separation. Be aware of all your assets, keep individual copies of tax returns, and understand that any assets you hide from your partner will be uncovered during a divorce. Alleviate future hardships and stress by staying informed and ready.

Show notes timestamps:
💍 Lisa's company works with law firms and high-net-worth individuals to help resolve complex financial disputes during divorce proceedings. 02:15
💰 Try to equalize both partners' access to cash because many games are played when one partner has unequal cash access. 04:18
❗ If you want to maintain separate assets or exclude them from division, the time to do that would be before marriage or shortly after. 06:27
💲 Lawyers do global lawyering, and Lisa is focused strictly on the financial piece: she identifies fraud and uncovers lost or hidden assets. 09:35
🧑‍⚖️ It's foolhardy to attempt to lie to a judge about assets in 2023. 12:43
💠 The best part about Lisa's work is that she can create a more accurate and fair situation: the worst part is the stress that clients experience. 14:48
📄 Have a copy of the documents you sign: more information is always a real benefit. 18:29


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