March 15, 2023

85. Heather Perren: Have Fun With Your Fitness

85. Heather Perren: Have Fun With Your Fitness

Making fitness a part of your daily routine is easier than ever. Heather Perren is the senior master trainer for Lagree Fitness and shares her passion for fitness as an accessible activity that everybody should integrate into their life. Lack of money and time is no longer a deterrent for people who are seeking to begin their fitness journey because there are so many free and accessible resources available online. The key is to make your fitness fun by finding activities you enjoy so that working out will never feel like a chore. Making fitness a part of your routine will help to relieve your work stress and tension, and you will gain more energy to tackle the important things in your life. Reclaim your physical fitness, and make it fun!

🌸 Heather is a former teacher who enjoyed fitness and took a leap of faith and became a fitness instructor: online fitness continues to be popular after the pandemic. 01:55
🟣 Start with baby steps - hold a plank for a minute a day: get creative with how to fit physical fitness in your day. 06:58
🥊 Training can be free, but make it fun: Jennifer loves boxing. 11:34
🤰 Heather is a mom of triplets and is now in the best shape of her life: being in shape before and during pregnancy makes for a quicker rebound. 13:55
👔 Exercise can play a huge role in helping business owners with mental clarity and stress relief: we see much better results from business owners who care for their health and vitality. 17:04
🟪 Lagree fitness is a high-intensity, low-impact workout: it keeps your joints and body safe and has a really slow tempo. 20:29
💓 Get out there, move your butts today, and do something to reclaim your physical fitness. 24:05

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