March 8, 2023

84. Overcoming Obstacles In Business With the Power of Psychotherapy, with Angela Ficken

84. Overcoming Obstacles In Business With the Power of Psychotherapy, with Angela Ficken

The wounds we carry can be holding us back in the business world. Angela Ficken is a psychotherapist with an online educational system that offers accessible resources for dealing with stress and anxiety. There is a lot of stigma around seeking therapy, but it can be a crucial step toward success if you are a struggling entrepreneur. Overcoming obstacles and dealing with stress and anxiety is a normal part of life and business, but if you cannot handle stress with grace, it may be due to unhealed trauma. Putting yourself in a vulnerable position and finding a therapist who works for you may be a leap of faith, but overcoming your trauma is a profound and freeing experience that makes it worth the risk and investment. Start your healing journey today and get on the life-changing path toward success.

Show notes time stamps:
🌷 Angela is a psychotherapist and online educator - she knew she wanted to be a psychotherapist at 10 years old.  01:37
✅ Entrepreneurs are surprised that they can't handle everything but feel like they should: therapy can offer strategies to help us think more clearly and less based on stress and anxiety. 05:55
🟣 What you grew up with and carry around is influencing you now in your business: be willing to go back and work on yourself. 11:48
❣️ Part of growing is learning and making mistakes: therapy is a risk that can pay off with the right therapist, just don't quit if you have a terrible experience with the first one. 15:17
💡 With contrast comes clarity - a bad experience helps you know what you want: tell your therapist what's triggering you in their work approach. 22:09
🔷 It's scary to be vulnerable with someone: be curious about why you're not being completely honest - it will help you in your life and relationships. 27:54
🌼 You only have to heal once. 30:28


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